We build 5-Star Listings to Match Your 5-Star Hosting

Overlooked 2 Overbooked offers a variety of listing upgrade services ranging from a supported DIY online course to a full Done-For-You overhaul.

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We build high quality listings.

Online Course

You can learn how to craft a killer listing at your own pace. Included are free ebooks and a full year of support - no question's too small!

Virtual Overhaul

We have 2 tiers for the Virtual Overhaul: A full branding and photo shoot of the entire property and a trimmed down "scenes only" version (think drinks by the pool etc). We also handle the post production, graphics, and updating the listing.

Onsite Overhaul

Our team travels to your property to stage and photo shoot everything; interiors, exteriors, scenes, and the environment. As soon as the first photos come in our "home team" starts on the post production, graphics, and updating the listing.

Ok, how to get started?

The Listing Evaluation

It all begins with a listing evaluation - that's how we figure out how our services could meet your goals and which level of service would be best. Our team goes through your listing with an eye for their own areas of expertise. We then schedule a call to go over our suggestions. These are not pushy sales calls - you can take our ideas and run with them, ignore them, or get back in touch when you're ready.

Some Before and Afters

First the original First Five photos on Airbnb, then our version built from Virtual Photo Shoot photos:


What's happens during an "overhaul"?

After the listing evaluation, you - the customer - decides which package to proceed with. Our staging team gets in touch to begin working on branding, staging, and interior design ideas and together you work out what's doable and in what time frame.

We begin to lock in dates for the Virtual Photo Shoot and work out who will be on the ground staging and taking photos. Our team begins work on your copy. The staging team is working with you to get your property ready.

On the day(s) of the shoot, the customer/photographer jumps on a video call using a remote photography app with an O2O photographer and whips through the property or designated "scenes". Photos get upload to O2O and we begin editing after the shoot.

Once we have everything, your photos, copy, listing sequence, and graphics/logos etc, we get on a Final Presentation call where we present our work, what you had and what you got. We them make sure that whoever updates your listing or channel manager has what they need, whether that's O2O, you, or your property manager.

sprinkles and cherry on your ice cream

Scenes, lifestyle photos, experience photos - what are those?

These are any and all photos that show off your brand, an experience guests could have at your property, or just a moment in time as if guests just stepped off the photo - the fun (and delicious) times they could be having if they just booked with you!

Have a mascot or antique decor? Add-on services like a chef, or kayak rental? A treasure hunt for junior guests? Show it all off! You'd be surprised how much better a pool-side shot is with some colorful towels and drinks - now it's a vacation!

Some scenes from our Virtual Photo Shoots

Meaning all of these photos were taken by hosts with our help:

Ready to get started!
Sign up for a Listing Evaluation:

You'll get directed to Gumroad where you can sign up for the evaluation, then to a calendar where you can book a time for your evaluation call.