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Let us help transform your listing into a Guest Magnet without having to be an expert in photography, copywriting, or anything else.

  • Get your property more views
  • Have your calendar booked consistently
  • Attract your ideal guest
  • And beat your competition!

"A Peaceful Cottage in an Olive Grove"

Chris is a multi-talented entrepreneur. She blows glass, makes olive oil and hosts weddings. And oh yeah, has an Airbnb.

When Covid-19 hit, everything took a hit at once. All weddings were cancelled for months. Short term rentals were shut down by law in their part of California.

Chris enlisted our help to upgrade her Airbnb listing.

In just a week or so, we did what we do. But then we had to wait until Chris was allowed to open up her calendar again.

When that day finally came, she emailed us to say that she received 16 new bookings in the first 7 days. And subsequently learned that she is booked solid for the next 90 days and has raised her prices.

AND, when we search her town, she comes up FIRST of more than 300+ listings in San Luis Obispo.

Chris tells us that this has been a lifesaver because all of her weddings (which were her largest income source) have been cancelled or postponed for the rest of 2020.

Chris's "before" photo of a bedroom

Chris's "after" photo of a bedroom

Here’s what happens far too often...

We’ve talked to a LOT of hosts over the years. When they hear what we do, it’s natural for them to just let loose about their frustrations and challenges.
Here’s is just a tiny sample of what we’ve heard:

  • “I feel like I’m flying blind. I don’t know how my competition is beating me. Should I just drop my prices?”
  • “I’ve seen lots of advice on the internet about how to ‘rank higher on Airbnb’ but they just tell you “what” to do, not “how” to do it. Plus, I don’t have a lot of extra time. Can someone just do it for me?”

  • “I hired a professional photographer but did not like the end result. Plus, the photographer did not cover any areas outside the rental. I still had to ‘fill in the gaps’ on my own. And figure out how to organize the sequence and what to write for photo descriptions.”

  • "I bought an online course but life got in the way; I didn’t have time to finish it...even though I know I should.”

🚨Painful Truth 🚨: NONE of those strategies are fast or easy to master (except lowering your prices).
Most hosts put too much emphasis on what happens AFTER guests arrive. And very little on how to get them to book in the first place.

Here's what we've learned from working with 100's of hosts:

Giving your guests a great experience is crucial. But if no one books your place, your stellar hospitality and complimentary wine will go to waste.
If you've tried to do everything yourself, you deserve an A for effort.

But your listing probably isn't as good as it could be. That means you're not attracting nearly as many guests as you could be.

Your home-baked cookies never get eaten if no one clicks on your listing.

But it doesn’t have to be that way...

What we deliver to hosts is exhilaration (and relief). They're able to focus solely on the hospitality aspects of their rental businesses.
And the results are consistently spectacular.
What would happen if you could start making a LOT more money from your listing, and you barely had to lift a finger?
BOOM! Imagine having a guest-magnetizing listing in a matter of days. You wake up to new booking notices daily. Your calendar fills up, and your bank balance too.
Even if you’re new to the business.
Even if you have a very busy schedule.
Even if you aren't particularly tech-savvy.

Tiber Canyon Airbnb top 5 photos - OLD

O2O customer's OLD Airbnb top 5 photos

Tiber Canyon Airbnb top 5 photos - NEW

Airbnb top 5 photos after our VIRTUAL PHOTO SHOOT

And here’s how you’ll benefit...

Imagine having a listing that makes you glow with pride. You ooze confidence that you’re now putting your best foot forward.

Any potential guest who looks but doesn’t book is because it just wasn’t a good fit...not because your listing failed to do its job.

More importantly, you wake up to new bookings each morning.

You don't just generate enough money to cover expenses...

....you now have a seriously profitable enterprise.

Thousands of hosts have amazing rentals that are sitting empty far too often.

Our clients don’t have that problem because their listings are as amazing as their rentals.

Once your listing becomes a wonderful window into what it’s like to stay with you...

...more potential guests click, book, and come.

You get more guests, make more money and get more great reviews.

You’ve created a flywheel of success.

All it takes to be successful is to spend a bit of time with us, then sit back and wait for us to do the heavy lifting. We'll produce a listing as fantastic as your rental.

Keats jumped on a call on a Tuesday. The following Monday, her listing was up and live.

48 hours later she had her first guest and made $4,000 in her first three weeks. (Let us know if you'd like to talk to Keats. Seriously).

Check out what a few others have said about the experience:

"I can't say enough good things about how it went. And then, the results are just amazing. I put the listing back up and was flooded with reservations. We've been booked solid, June, July, August and to the end of September. I can't help but look at the other places that are close to us to see their availability and nobody is as booked as we are."

- Chris

"If you would like to use me as a success story, I'm all in. Before Overlooked 2 Overbooked, occupancy rate 30%. After Overlooked 2 Overbooked, occupancy rate 80%."
- John (btw, we ran the numbers and calculated that John makes about $8,000 more each year)

"I have been almost fully booked and have received nothing but 5-star reviews. I'm sure you have many happy customers."
- Jen

A "before" photo (smartphone)

After the O2O Virtual Photo Shoot (also smartphone! ;)

Your rental deserves a listing as great as the care you put into hosting.

What do we do and how we do it

1. We are prolific travelers

We've lived in numerous Airbnb’s in many countries over a period of years. This required searching 1000’s of listings and sorting for which ones were most likely to result in a stellar stay.

Bottom line: We know how guests think, because we ARE guests.

Kati and Brian of Overlooked 2 Overbooked

2. Kati cut her teeth as a video editor in Hollywood

...working on short-deadline projects for Disney, Fox and HGTV.

When we started travelling, we saw that most hosts were falling short in “presentation”. The photos and descriptions weren’t good. Which meant we didn’t book (and neither did anyone else).

So Kati applied her skill at knowing how to create compelling images to vacation rental photography, ultimately serving as the photographer for New Zealand’s listing of the year (14,000+ entries!).

We know how to make your place a “guest magnet” through photography.

Disney logo

3. Brian was Director of Marketing for a small software company that qualified for the Inc. 500.

His job entailed writing everything from magazine ads to webinar scripts. Plus researching. Always researching. We’ll learn what sets you apart from your competition and how to highlight it.

We can write a description that gets guests to desire your place and trust you as a host.

4. Technology has conspired to create a service that couldn’t have existed even 10 years ago.

The trio of quality phone cameras, high-speed internet, and video-conferencing apps allow Kati to hold “virtual photoshoots” worldwide. She uses her trained eye to guide hosts through their rental. She edits the photos, chooses the best ones and sequences them for optimal effect.

Meanwhile, we’re writing the description and captions so that the new listing is all-of-a-piece.

In a week or 2, your listing has been transformed by expert professionals, who see things through the guest’s eyes.

Done For Your host "before" photo of a bedroom

A "before" photo of a bedroom

Done For Your host "after" photo of a bedroom

After the Virtual Photo Shoot

How it works

We begin with a video call and a listing review to make sure this partnership is right for both of us.

We can only handle so many clients per week.

So we only work with hosts that we know will see a big improvement in their bottom line.

Here's what really sets us apart: we do the work for you!

The only thing the host commits to is the virtual photo shoot with Kati, and no host has ever complained about that.

From there, we got you!

  • photo editing 
  • listing descriptions
  • photo descriptions
  • market research for pricing
  • and much more
    .... we’ve got it covered.

Here are the key pieces that make this a one-of-a-kind service:

  • Done. For. You. (90% of the time invested is on OUR side).
  • We'll deliver our detailed action plan on how we'll improve your listing.
  • Award-winning vacation rental photographer Kati guides your virtual photo shoot.
  • We research your competition to make sure your pricing and presentation are competitive.
  • We edit the images, choose the best ones, and order the sequence.
  • We write the listing description and the photo captions.
  • We set you up for optimal nightly-pricing.
  • We’ll show you how to monitor your listing performing well into the future.

You always have the final say.

We never make changes without the host’s approval. We keep you posted on what’s happening throughout.

You’ll have an irresistible listing that describes your rental beautifully and accurately.

It will stand out from the crowd and attract the kinds of guests you want. You'll have photos that you own and the skills to change and update things in the future.

We only take on projects where we are extremely confident that our help will make a huge difference.

Seating area before the Virtual Photo Shoot

Seating area after the Virtual Photo Shoot

You’ll end up having a fantastic listing that attracts more views and more bookings - with minimum effort!

What does it cost?

Our Done-For-Your service is customized to fit the amount of help each host needs.

There are 10+ ways that we can improve your business. But not every host needs them all.

Many would benefit from our “Virtual Photo Shoot”, led by Kati.
Others just need their current photos edited.
Some would save thousands per year by having us establish a personal website for their listing(s). Others don’t need that at all.
The bottom line is, we need to see your current listing so we do a listing assessment for all interested hosts. Then have a chat with you to learn about your current situation, your goals, etc.

Ongoing Support
One of the best things about this service is we get in (virtually), and get out. Lickety split, you’ve got a new listing, usually within a couple weeks. But that doesn’t mean we disappear after that. We give you multiple ways to stay in touch and continue to tweak your listing based on data.
The listing assessment is valued at $197. Many hosts have gotten substantial revenue increases just from implementing the advice on their own. This call will pay big dividends even if you don’t choose to work with us.

Meet "host zero" Keats

Here’s an example of how it works...
Keats had toyed with the idea of listing her apt on Airbnb for 3 years. She had a feeling her place would be desirable to guests, but she was apprehensive about how to get started.

Keats self-talk: How do I get the listing up and live? How much should I charge? How can I make sure my listing does justice to my place? I don’t want it to sound “too” good, but I don’t want to short-change myself either.

She was going to be out of town over the holiday season. Time was of the essence.  Kati and Keats had a virtual photo shoot on a Wednesday. Meanwhile, our copywriter Wendy worked up a killer description.

Five days after first contact Keats had a live listing...but no reviews. No matter. She got her first booking 2 days later...for $4,000.

Keats bookings compared to averages graph
Keats's first guest review.

Keats's first guest review.


1. How do I know I'll make more money?

Our No Fear Policy: if after 3-months of tweaking you still don’t think you got what you paid for, we will refund your money. We don’t want any host who can benefit from this service to stay stuck because of fear.

2. Do good photos really make that big a difference?

Yep. In evaluating over 100,000 listings, Airbnb concluded that professional-level photos generate 40%(!) more revenue than those without. Another study showed an increase in bookings of 98% from one year to the next, just from improving the photos.

In our case, we have NEVER stayed at a vacation rental with bad photos. And we don’t know anyone else who has either.

We tailor our search for a location, a price range, and a small number of amenities. From the list the absolute largest factor BY FAR that we use to pick a place, is the photos. We actually moved to Montana for a year JUST because of the photos of this one cabin (it’s a good story. Ask us if you’d like to hear it.)

3. I'm not sure I'll have time for this...

The beauty of our new Done-For-You service is that it requires very little time from the host. We do all the heavy lifting. You get to put your feet up and wait for a fantastic new listing.

4. I don't think I have any talent for photography...

That's precisely why we pioneered the Virtual Photo Shoot.  Kati is "there" to move the host around and take the kinds of photos she would take herself. The host just follows instructions, aims and shoots.

But that's not all. We often find that during the shoot, Kati pulls a bit of a Mr. Miyagi on the host.  As the shoot progresses, hosts need less and less instruction on where to stand and what to point at.

We are constantly impressed by our hosts and how smoothly the shoots go. (This is true no matter how little technical savvy the hosts claim they have :)

5. I don't want my photos to be unrealistic and disappoint guests...

Neither do we! Kati will edit your photos without distorting reality. We simply try to match what the human eye can see, nothing more.

There's no need for super wide-angle photos that distort a room or ridiculous editing that defies real-world colors. Your photos won't disappoint!

6. What if I don't agree on some of your choices...

Fear not. We always work together with the host so they have control over the look and feel of the place.

Some hosts have a specific vision for their place. Others prefer leave it all up to us. Either way is fine with us. We never force our ideas on anyone.

We keep hosts informed throughout the process so there are no surprises. And we back up our suggestions (with data, our experiences as guests, etc).

7. Shouldn’t I just hire a local photographer?

Professional photographers come in all stripes. But not very many specialize in vacation rental photography.

VR photography helps guests see themselves relaxing in your home. That’s very different from portrait photography or even real estate photography.

Kati took the photos of the listing that won best in New Zealand last year (14,000+ entries).

We’re excited to have created this new method. It allows hosts to access her eye and decision-making process, without the expense of having to fly her in.

  • From practically no new bookings for weeks at a time, we got 5 new bookings within 26 hours!
    Our placement on the Airbnb site went from the 8th page to, in many cases - the front page. We rose to an 85-88% fill rate for two months into the future, and we have maintained that going forward.
    - Jan, host in Arizona, US
  • I had no photography experience... but with their help, I started producing quality photos beyond what I ever imagined. Bookings increased by at least 60% across the portfolio.
     - Joanne Bourke, property director at Bach Break, New Zealand
  • There’s no question that the ROI will come back multiple times. It will translate into a lot more rentals and a lot of repeat guests...
    - Rhett Schober, property manager at Akumal Villas, Mexico
  • I wanted “stand out" photos because I’m a visual buyer and I know most renters are influenced greatly by first impressions.
    This summer has been great. I have been almost fully booked and have received nothing but 5-star reviews. We have over 5 weeks booked for next summer. I’m sure you have many happy customers.
    - Jen, host in Alaska, US
  • I really appreciate you and Brian for everything you're providing! Simply exceeded all expectations.
    - Paula, host in Vancouver, Canada

You made it all the way to the bottom

That tells us you’re super-interested BUT like to research the bejeesus out of everything before pulling the trigger. Respect. (one of us is that way too)  :).

If you’re still on the fence, grab a listing assessment here. We do an in-depth assessment of not only your listing, but your competition. We run it through a 50-point evaluation. Then we have a live video conversation with you where we go over the results AND record it so you can watch it as many times as you want.

What we WON’T do is twist your arm. We learned a long time ago that the hosts that get the most benefit from working with us fall into it naturally. We try to practice what we preach. Do you trust us? Do you find yourself ‘yearning’ for what we offer?