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​Take Better Photos.
​Book More Guests.
​Make More Money.

We teach vacation rental hosts how to take profit-boosting listing photos without specialty equipment.
Top 5 Vacation Rental Photo Mistakes ebook cover

​Without great photos, ​none of the rest matters

We’ve stayed with fabulous hosts that are missing out on tons
of guests because of mediocre listing photos.

​Empty calendar dates are money down the drain.

​See the difference you can make

When you know how to:

Work with the right light

House entrance before O2O courseHouse entrance after O2O course

Know the Big 3 of proper framing

Kitchen before proper framingKitchen after proper framing

Pay attention to staging

Bedroom before stagingBedroom after staging

​Use time of day and quick editing t​ricks

Nice France promenade with the wrong lightNice France promenade with the right light

​And the best part is that you can learn all this over a weekend - with no photography experience or specialty gear!

​3 simple steps to bookings more guests:

​Get Your Smartphone Or Your
Fancy Camera

Watch The 3-Hour Course at your Own Pace

Improve Your Photos & Increase Your Revenue!

​​After implementing many of your suggestions, our booking rate boomed! From practically no new bookings for weeks at a time, we got 5 new bookings within 26 hours!...This course REALLY PAID FOR ITSELF!!!

​Jan O'Kelley - ​Owner in ​Sedona, AZ, O2O Customer

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​You don’t have to have a super expensive or fancy camera to do so – what’s more important is that you understand the camera that you have available to you.

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​An endless stream of effortless bookings.

​That's what you really want, isn't it?

To pull in your ideal guests like a magnet
with photos that allow everyone to see your home
for the gem you know it to be.

So that you can relax and enjoy
more free time (and money)!

​I had no photography experience...​but with their help, I started producing quality photos beyond what I ever imagined. Bookings increased by at least 60% across the portfolio.

Joanne Bourke - Director at Bach Break, O2O Customer

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​To say that great photos of your space are valuable is an understatement. They’re the first thing prospective guests look at when considering a property on Airbnb and what will eventually make or break their decision to book your space.

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​About us

Kati’s work on projects for Disney, Fox, and HGTV trained her eye to spot crucial differences between images that pull people in versus those that drive them away.

Brian​ was a top salesperson at a startup that qualified for the Inc 5000. He operates O2O behind the scenes and ​was one of the first to test Kati's ​course with real clients.

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On Airbnb,
every book gets judged
by its cover

Stop handing guests to your competition.

Create your own irresistible photos in less than a week!

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Top 5 Vacation Rental Photo Mistakes ebook cover
​Make sure your listing photos send the right message!
  • ​​Eliminate basic mistakes that repel guests.
  • Come across as professional and trustworthy.
  • Get more bookings and make more money!

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