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Photo course

Level 1 - The DIY


  • Lifetime access to O2O video course
  • ​A full year of email support


Level 2 - Partner with Kati


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    ​Lifetime access to O2O video course
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    ​A full year of email support
  • ​60 min of 1-on-1 live video support with Kati
  • 20 of your photos edited by Kati ($300 value)

complete package

Level 3 - Hire Kati

​     Starting at


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    ​Lifetime access to O2O video course
  • O2O will fly to your house and take photos for you OR
  • O2O certified photographer will produce at least 30 finished photos

​NOTE: ​​We host our course on Teachable. To use a coupon, ​select your Level and apply the coupon at checkout. ​Our prices are in USD.


​After implementing many of your suggestions, our booking rate boomed! From practically no new bookings for weeks at a time, we got 5 new bookings within 26 hours!

​Our placement on the Airbnb site went from the 8th page to, in many cases - the front page. We rose to an 85-88% fill rate for two months into the future, and we have maintained that going forward. This course REALLY PAID FOR ITSELF!!!

What to ​expect:

Module 1: Pre-Production


Just some of what you’ll learn:

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    3 mistakes that make photos look amateurish
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    4 simple ways to make a room look bigger
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    5 camera settings are all you need to know
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    The easiest path to bright photos

Module 2: Production



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    Highly practical 5-10min video lessons
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    Watch Kati ​photograph a real rental
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    ​Strategies for every room, taught in ways that stick

Module 3: Post-Production


​Finishing touches:

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    Look over Kati's shoulder and watch her edit photos
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    ​Choosing the right Magnet Photo (critical!)
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    ​The art of sequencing. Great photos in the wrong order fall flat.

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Seal of guarantee
A 30 day UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee. We know that if you apply the lessons, you will get LOTS more bookings. If you're not thrilled with the course, we don't want your money and will promptly refund your purchase price, no questions asked.


​How ​​do I know I'll make more money? 

Do good photos really make that big a difference?

​I'm not sure I'll have time for this...

​​​​Don't I need expensive gear and 1000 hours of training?

I think my photos are already pretty good.

Tell me about the nuts and bolts of this course. How will it work?

​Do I have to attend the classes live?

Will my photos be as good as professional photographers?

Shouldn’t I just hire a professional photographer?

I don't think I have any talent for photography

Top 5 Vacation Rental Photo Mistakes ebook cover
​Make sure your listing photos send the right message!
  • ​​Eliminate basic mistakes that repel guests.
  • Come across as professional and trustworthy.
  • Get more bookings and make more money!

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