LISTING photo secrets that will boost your bottom line.

(​Your ​smartphone is ​good enough​!)

Cat Jones

Amazing Marketing 

"As a professional listing optimizer, the quickest way to increase revenue on a listing is by improving the photos.

Joanne Bourke


"Vacation rental bookings increased by at least 60% across the portfolio."

All you need is a bit of know-how.


Photos are the single most important selling tool for your vacation rental home.


To say that great photos of your space are valuable is an understatement. They’re the first thing prospective guests look at when considering a property on Airbnb and what will eventually make or break their decision to book your space.


When someone is searching for a property online they have hundreds of options available at the click of a mouse. They will select or eliminate possible properties within seconds, based largely on the photos they see.

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Photos have an important role in making sure that a potential guest actually books. You can have great presence on the internet, great location, and good promotions but eventually it comes down to potential guests wanting to see exactly what they are booking.

Booking.com Suite

It’s no secret that having great photos will help increase bookings at your vacation rental.


You don’t have to have a super expensive or fancy camera to do so – what’s more important is that you understand the camera that you have available to you.


Taking good pictures is really important, and can make an amazing difference in your bookings and the price you can charge per night.

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It’s a fact that doesn’t need data, listings with better photos get booked more often.

Learn Airbnb

The facts are simple: The more quality photos you have, the more interested viewers become, the more likely they’ll inquire via email or phone.


Empty calendar dates are money down the drain.

We’ve stayed with fabulous hosts that are missing out on tons
of guests
because of mediocre listing photos. It makes us sad.

Vacation rental kitchen beforeVacation rental kitchen after

Great hosts shouldn't have to suffer
just because they're not professional photographers.

​An endless stream of effortless ​bookings.

That's what you really want, isn't it?

To pull in your ideal guests like a magnet
with photos that allow everyone to see your home
for the gem it is.

So that you can relax and enjoy
more free time (and money)!

How Does it Work?

​Get Your Smartphone Or Your
Fancy Camera

Watch The 3-Hour Course

Improve Your Photos & Increase Your Revenue!

​What Our ​FANS Are Saying


There’s no question that the ROI on this course will come back multiple times. It will translate into a lot more rentals and a lot of repeat guests...Even for myself, who has been taking photos, thinking I've been doing a good job, you get a peace of mind from the course. It’s concise and well put together.

​Rhett Schober

​Manager at Akumal Villas


I had no photography experience... but with their help, I started producing quality photos beyond what I ever imagined. Bookings increased by at least 60% across the portfolio. Also, the professional image our company was able to project thru photography was a large contributing factor in becoming a market leader in our region.

​Joanne Bourke

​Director at Bach Break

I was on the phone with a client whose listing photos I had just improved and loaded into Airbnb. She was telling me how Airbnb didn't work for her & they never get bookings from it. During our 30 minute call she got two inquiries from Airbnb! The course from Overlooked2Overbooked has made me so confident I now offer clients a guarantee that I can increase their bookings just by improving their listing photos!​​

Cat Jones

CMO at Amazing Marketing

We’re here to help

Kati’s work on projects for Disney, Fox, and HGTV trained her eye to spot crucial differences between images that pull people in versus those that drive them away. 

Professional Photographer & Editor

Kati Greene

Pro Copywriter & Course Graduate

​Brian Greene

Brian was one of the first graduates of Kati's course. He handles many tasks behind the scenes that keep O2O running smoothly.

What's Waiting For You

3 Course Modules Carefully Designed to Help You Learn Fast:

Module 1: Pre-Production

Just some of what you’ll learn:
  • check
    3 mistakes that make photos look amateurish
  • check
    4 simple ways to make a room look bigger
  • check
    5 camera settings are all you need to know
  • check
    The easiest path to bright photos

Module 2: Production

​Learning in practice:
  • check
    Highly practical 5-10min video lessons
  • check
    Watch Kati ​photograph a real rental
  • check
    ​Strategies for every room, taught in ways that stick

Module 3: Post-Production

​Finishing touches:
  • check
    Look over Kati's shoulder and watch her edit photos
  • check
    ​Choosing the right Magnet Photo (critical!)
  • check
    ​The art of sequencing. Great photos in the wrong order fall flat.

​Listing Photos Transformed

Click and drag the circle to see the difference you can make when you:

Work with the right light

Nice France promenade with the wrong lightNice France promenade with the right light

Know the Big 3 of proper framing

Kitchen before proper framingKitchen after proper framing

Pay attention to staging

Bedroom before stagingBedroom after staging

​Add the final touches with simple and quick editing tips

Living room before editingLiving room after editing


​There are lots of ways to increase the profitability of your vacation rental. 
Our specialty is teaching people how to book more guests through better photos​​​​​. 

On average:

  • A guest stay is worth about $500 (avg. guests stay is 3.5 nights at $141/night = $492.5)
  • ​1 guest per season = $2000
  • 1 guest per month = $6000/year​  

What you could do with ​that extra cash?


As a vacation rental owner, you may know that listing photos greatly affect rental bookings. And you may think of hiring someone else to do the trick. But before you do, why not consider taking your own photos​? ​Here are some of the benefits of doing it yourself:

​1.  ​Your smartphone can take professional-level photos
​2.  ​You can take unlimited photos
​3.  You'll learn a valuable skill that will make you more money now AND in the future

​You never get a 2nd chance to make a
1st impression

​Stop handing guests to your competition by
creating your own irresistible photos in less than a week!


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Get the easy fixes for the Top 5 Mistakes straight from this guide
• Even Super Hosts fall for some of these basic errors (especially #5)


​Jo and Pete Bourke of Bach Break​ went from 2 vacation rental properties and a ​dairy farm to over 20 properties and regional domination in 2 years.

​Here's their story.

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​Our guarantee

A 30 day UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee. We know that if you apply the lessons, you will get LOTS more bookings. If you're not thrilled with the course, we don't want your money and will promptly refund your purchase price, no questions asked.
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