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​Increase Your Bookings​ with Overlooked2Overbooked!

In our course you will learn:

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    How to use your smartphone like a professional photographer.
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    The keys ​selecting the ideal "lead" photo for your listing.
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    ​Simple, straightforward, professional editing tips that will take your photos to the next level!


​There are lots of ways to increase the profitability of your vacation rental. 

Our specialty is ​teaching people how to attract more ​guests ​through better photos​​​​​. On average:

  • A guest stay is worth about $500 (avg. guests stay is 3.5 nights at $141/night = $492.5)
  • ​1 guest per season = $2000
  • 1 guest per month = $6000/year​  

What you could do with ​that extra cash?


As a vacation rental owner, you may know that listing photos greatly affect rental bookings. And you may think of hiring someone else to do the trick. But before you do, why not consider taking your own photos​? ​Here are some of the benefits of doing it yourself:

​1.  ​Your smartphone can take professional-level photos
​2.  ​You can take unlimited photos
​3.  You'll learn a valuable skill that will make you more money now AND in the future


​Jo and Pete Bourke of Bach Break​ went from 2 vacation rental properties and a ​dairy farm to over 20 properties and regional domination in 2 years.

​Here's their story.


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We saved some money in order to travel the world. When it came time to pick a new destination every few months,  we would search 100’s of vacation rental listings, looking for our next home base. Regardless of whether it was France or Costa Rica, Italy or New Zealand, we were stunned at how many homes had to be crossed off our list simply due to sub-par photos. Not only did they not seduce us or give us enough detail, they also undermined our confidence in them as hosts.


Right from our first meeting, there was a sense of trust that was easily established. This natural trust was established because of his demeanor and personality, I wanted to continue to do business with him.​

Burton Cooper

I felt frustrated as I knew the quality of photos I wanted to achieve and the significance of having attractive photos, but I had no photography experience and I just couldn’t do it. Having met Kati and Brian and seeing the quality of the photos they produced, I knew I wanted to learn from them. With their help, I started producing quality photos beyond what I ever imagined. Bookings increased by at least 60% across the portfolio. Also, the professional image our company was able to project thru photography was a large contributing factor in becoming a market leader in our region.

Joanne Bourke

Director at Bach Break Taranaki


​​We've written a book, comprised of 28 vacation rental experts​ who give their best advice on creating a successful vacation rental business.