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Do you want to book more guests, make more money, and live
"the good life" 
as a host?

If so, watch this video to learn the #1 secret to boosting the profitability of your Airbnb business...

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Did you know?
On average, hosts lose 40% of extra revenue due to bad listing photos.

To say that photos play an important role in your vacation rental business is a severe understatement.

You could be doing everything else right. But if your listing photos aren't on-point, Airbnb's finest data statisticians says you're losing money.

Why? Because bad (or even mediocre) listing photos scare off potential guests.

Here's another data point to think of...

Research shows that 72% of listing photos are deemed unattractive by potential guests.

In other words, 7 out of 10 of all listing photos scare away guests—while the owners of these photos are completely unaware of the damage they're causing!

The big question is: How do you know whether or not you have good photos?

And the answer to that question is... look at your Airbnb's current performance.

If you're not satisfied (i.e. you're not booking enough guests, making enough money, and living your ideal lifestyle)—then chances are your photos aren't optimized enough.

You could be earning SO much more... and we're here to show you how.

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The Airbnb
profit-boosting solution

Hi there, and thanks for reading. We’re Brian and Kati — avid travelers, photography & business experts, and consultants to some of the world’s most profitable Airbnbs.

We built a short-and-powerful video course called Overlooked2Overbooked.

Our goal is to teach you how to take excellent-quality, profit-boosting listing photos with your smartphone camera—so you can book more guests, make more money, and live "the good life" as a host.

There's no need to hire expensive photographers. Or buy a $1000+ camera. Or spend weeks trying to figure out how to create the “perfect” listing photos...

Here's our promise to you: If you purchase this course today, you'll be able to consume the course over the weekend, take your listing photos to the next level, and start booking more guests & making more money from your rental properties right away.

See the difference:
Before vs. After

Work with the right light

House entrance before O2O courseHouse entrance after O2O course

Know the Big 3 of proper framing

Kitchen before proper framingKitchen after proper framing

Pay attention to staging

Bedroom before stagingBedroom after staging

Use time of day and quick editing tricks

Nice France promenade with the wrong lightNice France promenade with the right light

See the impact stellar photos are having on hosts

After implementing many of your suggestions, our booking rate boomed! From practically no new bookings for weeks at a time, we got 5 new bookings within 26 hours.

Our placement on the Airbnb site went from the 8th page to, in many cases - the front page. We rose to an 85-88% fill rate for two months into the future, and we have maintained that going forward. This course really paid for itself!!!

If you're considering this course, trust me - GET IT! It will make a huge difference on your Airbnb business, and you can thank me later.

Leslie Samuel
Rental Owner in Sint Maarten

I had no photography experience, but with their help, I started producing quality photos beyond what I ever imagined... Bookings increased by at least 60% across the portfolio.

Joanne Bourke
Property Director at Bach Break

There’s no question that the ROI on this course will come back multiple times. It will translate into a lot more rentals and a lot of repeat guests...

Rhett Schober
Property Manager at Akumal Villas

One of the biggest challenges I had prior to purchasing the course was I wanted “stand out" photos because I’m a visual buyer and I know most renters are influenced greatly by first impressions. 

This summer has been great. I have been almost fully booked and have received nothing but 5-star reviews. We have over 5 weeks booked for next summer. I’m sure you have many happy customers.

I know the value I received from your course was extremely helpful for my biz.  It is so satisfying that people “see” and appreciate the hard work that went into the remodel. I’m sure if I had “so-so” pics that wouldn’t be the case.

Thank you for creating such a fabulous course packed with amazing information and how-to's! I really appreciate you and Brian for everything you're providing!
The course simply exceeded all expectations.  

Rental Owner & Host in Vancouver

I wasn't expecting to run across this type of opportunity and had no intention of becoming a STR host, but here I am. The course is so helpful.  I wouldn't really have known where to start.  The course is about so much more than photography.

From Overlooked →
to Overbooked.

Those beloved students of ours are vacation rental hosts—just like yourself. Many were having the some problem as you.

They work hard. They did everything right—but they missed the one key component to success in the VR industry: stellar listing photos!

Luckily, they found our course. After implementing the step-by-step lessons taught in the course & revamping their photos, the "wealth gate" just swung wide open and they start getting flooded by new guests.

Their reviews went up, search ranking went up, and even the type of guests they attract become of much higher-quality. (Beautiful photos attract beautiful guests!)

Make more money from the course— guaranteed.

Many of our students report earning back 2x-5x their initial investment in their first few weeks.

Curious as to how they did it?

Let's do the math...

  • Let’s say your rate is $120/night. Then assume most guests stay on average for 3.5 nights.

  • That means, if you get just ONE extra guest after having better photos (1 extra guest X 3.5 nights) = You get an extra revenue of approximately $420 for your business.
  • Our course is priced at $197. That means you’ve essentially DOUBLED your investment—just by booking one extra guest.

    Of course, rates may be different in your region. But really, seriously, just take 5 minutes to work out the math in your head. See how much more money you can make a week, a month, a year from now...

    Ask yourself the question, “How much is 1 extra guest worth to me?”

    Then compare that to the small price of investing in our course ($197).

Plus, we also give you:
Unbeatable buyer's protection guarantee

Seal of guarantee

We want this to be the single, most profitable investment you’ll ever make for your Airbnb business.

  • We KNOW you're going to make a lot more money after having these excellent-quality listing photos — so we're willing to take on all the risk for you

  • Our course comes with a 100% unconditional, LIFETIME money back guarantee

  • In fact, if this course reaaaaaallly didn’t give you results, we’re willing to pay you for your time so you can actually tell us why it didn’t work for you 

We’re that committed to providing as much value as possible for you.
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You can do this.

You’re one step away to being able to book more guests, make more money, and live "the good life" as a host.


Start booking more guests:

for 3 payments of $175 per month

*This price doesn't include any additional taxes that might be due to your country's tax policies.

If you have questions about the course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 
We (Brian & Kati) will help you personally.

or Contact us here

Your rental photos could look like this…

What's included:

50 edited photos!

  • Kati will edit 50 photos you've taken for a maximum impact. No 'over-editing' or unrealistic, candy-coated HDR - beautiful but accurate final photos.

1 hour of consultation

  • Jump on a call with us to plan for a photo shoot, ask about staging, branding, other marketing strategies - you name it, we'll help! You can break this call up, for example, into 2x30min calls.

Full year of email support

  • Enough said, ask us about anything.

Airbnb Branding Guide ebook

  • Jog your brain and find ideas for activities and amenities to include, expand your vocabulary and liven up your listing descriptions.

Vacation rental Jumpstart ebook

  • An interview with 28 of the world's top short-term rental experts( ok, us included :D), what their business is, their thoughts on the industry, and their own personal experiences hosting guests.
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To recap...

The devastating impact of bad listing photos:

  • You scare away potential guests (and you don’t even know it!)

  • You’ll never be able to charge what your rental is worth.

  • If you’re not able to book guests at a fair rate, self-doubt will creep in.

  • At worst, you may eventually have to close shop and waste all previous effort on your Airbnb business.

The profit-boosting impact of excellent listing photos:

  • You’re now able to book a lot more guests. You make more money.

  • You make friends with cool people and hosting becomes infinitely more fun.

  • Because of the increase in demand, you can raise nightly rates. More money per hour of effort!

  • You feel great about yourself as a host and a business owner. Representing your place in the best light possible and thriving as a host will bring you pride and joy.
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How do I know I'll make more money? 

Do good photos really make that big a difference?

I'm not sure I'll have time for this...

Don't I need expensive gear and 1000 hours of training?

I don't think I have any talent for photography...

I think my photos are already pretty good.

Tell me about the nuts and bolts of this course. How will it work?

Will this work for a really small place?

I don't want my photos to be unrealistic and disappoint guests...

Do I get lifetime access to the course?

About us

Kati’s work on projects for Disney, Fox, and HGTV trained her eye to spot crucial differences between images that pull people in versus those that drive them away.

Brian was a top salesperson at a startup that qualified for the Inc 5000. He operates O2O behind the scenes and was one of the first to test Kati's course with real clients.

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